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Mark asks…

Why is it that stores will have dress clothes for all ages but toddlers boys?

I have a three-year-old boys, and I hit every store in town trying to find dress clothes for church.

Every store I hit had dress clothes and shoes for infant girls and boys, toddler girls, older boys and girls, and adults of both genders.

Eventually, I found one dress outfit, but then I wasn’t able to find dress shoes.

What gives? Do they think toddler boys don’t need clothes? It’s highly likely they need them more than any other age group.

Anyone else noticed this?

Donna answers:

I have had the same problem for about 2 year now. It does get really old really quick. Trying to find clothes for my 3 and 4 year old boys can be a chore!
The best places I have found to find them clothes are the Outlet stores. Not only do they have lots of toddler boys’ clothes, there is an actual variety of colors and styles. My personal favorites are the Osh Kosh outlet and the Old Navy outlet.
I am not sure why most places have such a limited selection of boys clothes, but I have actually asked on certain occasions and been told that the “don’t sell as well as girls clothes.” I wonder why?? The girls clothes sell better because there are more of them to choose from.
My only advice is to find a store or two that has a good assortment of boys clothes and only shop there. Fortunately, it does get better when they get older.

David asks…

Clothing sizes for boys! Help!?

My tall 3 year old has jumped from toddler clothes and is now in “Boys” sizes, but I’m having trouble with the size differences. I know it goes from a 5T to 4/5(x-small) in boys, then 6/7 (small) etc. But, how much bigger is a 4/5 than a 5T! I shop at WalMart, Target, Old Navy, and occaisionally the Children’s Place, and none have a size chart. When I buy a boys 5 at some stores it fits correctly, but sometimes it’s too small. (especially at Target!) Anyone know the difference in size? Weight/Height or otherwise?
Sorry eloquent-just buy the clothes that fit? I’m trying to get a better idea of what fits so i don’t have to go into a fitting room with a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old everytime I want to buy clothes.

Thanks for the chart; Lindseyh911. Its been a perfect help already.

Donna answers:

My son can wear both 5T and 4/5. The 4/5 seem to fit him a little better, a little longer in the legs. I found this chart to be helpful

But like you said, each brand is different.

Lisa asks…

Is there a market for inexpensive all male cothing store geared for newborns to toddlers?

I am very upset in how there is an overwhelming amount of clothing options for girls in department stores. I like my son to wear a sophisicated, classy, sporty urban look. The only clothes that come close to these looks are at babygap and children’s place in pittsburgh, pa. but unfortunately they charge an arm and a leg for baby clothes which only has but so much fabric to it! do yal feel theres a market out there for an all boys clothing store?
I want to be able to buy clothes for my son without having to use coupons or wait for good sales to get the clothing I want and i dont think anybody else with son’s should have to either. girls clothes dont cost that much!

Donna answers:

I’ve never noticed a problem finding baby clothes for my nephew, but I would think that if you have a hard time finding them that it would be a good niche to fill for your area. It may not be necessary in all areas though.

Laura asks…

Toddler Sizing…What is the difference between a size 4 boys and 4T?

My son is 3 and wears a 4T. I was looking online for him some winter clothes and some stores offerred a size 4 and a 4T…what is the difference?

Donna answers:

Fit Tips

A size 18-24M (XL) in Infants is also a size 2T in Toddlers. The difference is that an Infant size garment will likely snap at the crotch.
A size 4T and a size 4 are usually close in dimensions. The difference is the selection of styles in each.
Generally, boys grow faster in their arms and legs before they start to gain weight (or “fill-out”). For this reason, measure your child’s inseam and check the garment’s measurement before selecting your child’s size.
After a child outgrows a size 16 in Girl’s or 18 / 20 in Boy’s, the pre-teen or teen will move to Women’s or Men’s apparel

Paul asks…

Mothers: Where can I buy boys’ SLIM size sweatpants / cute tops?

I have looked in stores and on line and can’t seem to find any. I find regular and husky. Pulling a drawstring on regular sized pants to make them into slims defeats the purpose of an elastic waist, because then you have a NON-elastic string waist. Has any of you been able to find slim size sweatpants (sometimes called “knit pants”)? (I’m looking for “big boy” sizes.) Another option would be a brand of sweatpants where the regular size fits slim kids.

The other thing I’m having trouble with is finding age-appropriate shirts. It seems like as soon as a boy grows out of toddler sizes the clothes makers assume the boy automatically stops liking shirts with cute animals and pictures of nature and starts liking only skateboards, electric guitars, and skulls/crossbones. What stores/brands carry/make clothes for middle elementary age boys that would actually appeal to them?

Last question: Does any clothes manufacturer still make long-sleeved tops with tight wrists? It seems like all modern shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets are made with enormous wrists that let the wind in. (Now I’m talking about clothes for boys, girls, and women. And by “tight” I don’t mean uncomfortable…I mean fitting close to the skin without buttons…like ribbed knit stretchy cotton wrists.)

If you could steer me toward any store(s) or brand(s) that have what I’m looking for, I would greatly appreciate it!
I’m adding this after seeing the first two responses: It is not I who am complaining about the designs on the shirts; it is my son. He is totally not into any of the stuff I mentioned. He either has or has seen shirts with an eagle, a moose, a field with deer in it, gymnastics shirts (his sport), and funny shirts. This is what he likes. I’m not going to ask him to change his personality and wear monster trucks and skulls when he’s into nature and humor. No one has ever made fun of him for wearing these kinds of shirts, and if anyone would, good riddance to them.

Donna answers:

I have never seen any slim sweatpants. I only can find slim sizes in jeans. For a while Target was carrying some sweats that ran a bit more snug than the usual brands, but of course after I found this out they discontinued them (always seems to work that way). I only allow my son to wear sweats to bed because then that way it doesn’t matter that they are drooping way low. As for age appropriate shirts those are age appropriate. Just because you as a mother like the cutsie stuff doesn’t mean your son does. My son (5 years old) loves the motorcycle shirts and monster trucks. I find them at Old Navy, Target, and Kohl’s. From what I have seen the trend right now is for the straight sleeved shirts and so you just have to go with it (kinda like how plaid shorts are way in and I hate those). The only ones with the tight wrists that you are describing is the long underwear kind and unfortunately they really can’t wear that out and about!

ADD: Well if that’s the stuff he really likes you may have some trouble finding it. What I would do is go to one of those places where they do the screen printing and such and they can usually put stuff on the shirts that you want. It may be a bit more expensive, but probably worth it if he likes it. Sometimes you can find some iron on stuff that may interest him that you could do at home.

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