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Sandra asks…

trendy designer toddler clothes?online store?

i am looking for an online store that sells cool kids clothes
like all those celeb kids are wearing

i already know

i live in AUSTRALIA’
so aussie sites would be good
but other stores are fine too.
i have a son & he is size 3

Donna answers:

Ebay if you can find new

Sandy asks…

Does any one know where i can buy carter’s brand toddler clothes online?

I’ve have google searched just about everything! The Carter’s website doesn’t have much to choose from, neither does target, walmart, etc. But i have been seeing some really cute capri’s for toddlers on ebay, which are in ”lots” so eventually those get to ridiculously high prices so i thought i’d look for the clothes online, so i was wondering if anyone has found a website, or know of any to try! If not my husband and i might just have to drive the 68 miles to the carter’s store! Thanks sooo much!

Donna answers:

Try this shopping website, they have over 600 stores which should sell carter’s brand clothes. What I like is that you get cash back on everything you buy, unlike any other shopping website online. It’s great!
referral code: 535050
I have been shopping on this website since Jan 09. Hope this helps!

Chris asks…

Drop shippers for baby and toddler clothing?

Have an online store. Need a drop shipper for mid priced baby clothes infant through toddler girls and boys

Donna answers:

Hope these links help you. The first one is for the Thomas Registry which is supposed to be the ultimate (sort of a catalog of catalogs, you can also check one out at the library)

Best of luck to you.

George asks…

Cute girl clothes for toddler online?

I have a 2 year old girl and I am getting sick of shopping at the local stores.
Anyone know of some good sites with cute girly clothes? :]

Donna answers:

Do you have gymboree? (sp?)

Joseph asks…

Online infant/toddler apparel boutiques?

There are no baby boutiques in my area and I just want some cute clothing for my 6 month old (who wears 9-12 month clothing). Know any good online stores?

Donna answers: , , , , and are all really cute boutiques that specialize in children clothing.

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