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William asks…

Baby, Sea Turtle, & a Nude Beach: What could all this mean?

Last week I had an unusual dream. I dreamed that I walking along a beach and found a woman laying limp next to a baby sea turtle. The sea turtle was the normal colors however in the sun it had a rainbow-glittery sheen to it. I helped the lady and the turtle. The turtle could talk however I was deaf to what it was saying but apparently the lady heard him. She kept him in her purse. He was on the left side of her shoulder but he preferred to be on the right so she moved him.

Next portion of the dream, I was like at a seaside auto mechanic shop. They sold me a lemon, but I left in it anyway. I drove by my old job which is a “famous diner” in the south. It seemed as if all the employees stopped and looked out the window as I drove by. I could tell they were talking about me. (In real life, I quit the job because of management and other girls being catty towards me. I dated the workplace playboy and now he’s a changed man. The girls hate me for that. anyhow…)

The dream ended when I pulled up to a secluded part of the beach. I walked down the pier to the sand. I was shocked to see that I was at a NUDE beach. I was mortified. Naked bodies partically covered every inch as far as my eyes could see… except for a path leading to the water that I seemed only i could see. In the center of the path was a light-wood colored bassinet with pink blankets swaddled inside. I walked towards it…

Then I woke up because it was freaking me out. HELP!!! What could this dream mean or is this just my mind running wild. I do sleep with the TV on and my mom says your mind (sub conscience) can read what on TV even when you are sleep. HELP!!!

Donna answers:

Your dream appears driven by some degree of stress and may be fed by poor sleep habits, no doubt by your own description – but it does not appear totally random and seems to hold meaning as well.

Much that you describe is surreal and of course dreams can be good at that. What is clear is that you have a remarkable imagination and color the things that your perceptive mind absorbs in a delightful way. Regardless of the moods the dream may evoke, it is alive with the color and texture of nature, the human condition and thought. The turtle is beyond oridinary – and what is it about baby sea turtles? Most are quite able to find their way to the sea when hatched and need no help. This one is somehow bonded to this woman who is incomplete without it – and without you. The three of you somehow rely on each other in some vague way – none seems complete without the efforts of the other two – turtle, the strange, limp woman and yourself – all make a whole. Recall the path of the ‘complete’ baby sea turtle – I’ll come back to that.

You reveal much of your life’s experiences and feelings as you tell of the seaside shop, the lemon car and diner experiences. What seems to remain oddly common throughout this dream is the beach or seashore. You are a rather collected person – you recognize and care about having been given a lemon automobile, right out of a desirable setting – a seaside shop – but you are practical and go on about your business, it does not hamper you. You reflect on the diner experience – and the projected image of your being noticed as you drive by – perhaps now seen as a creature of desirable trait, what you deserve. What a change from the cattyness you had to put up with before – now the envy is more open, perhaps even some admiration is creeping through – despite the lemon you ride in.

Finally you are drawn back to this most unusual beach – and openly share your reaction: shock. You dated the playboy and made him a changed man – he came to see quality. What you see on the beach is loose humanity – no standards for common decency, just nudity, lying all about, flesh to flesh. You have goals – you seek what is seen as decent in life and hold to your standards; you don’t date the playboy for the sake of play but for some other reason. He’s changed, there was another quality in there that was worth finding, much to the displeasure of lesser sorts that you worked with. You see yourself in a more worthy way than that which is so common around you, and it is important that you do.

So all of this that is you now arrives at this most odd beach – and a path to the water’s edge is seen by you alone. It is peculiar – an unseen babe is in the path – the bassinette with swaddling is before you. You will encounter that before you can complete the route of the turtle. Recall that?

Remember that thing about baby turtles – they can find their way on into all the opportunities – and unknowns – of the open sea. And now your own open sea is before you. All that has occurred happened at the sea’s edge – you were captive to imperfect land and man’s shortcomings. The seaside has been a common theme apparently because it is the open sea that promises you freedom and the chance to become who you should be – free of all the land-locked turmoil, deceit, cattyness and loose living of others.

The turtle and the woman? The turtle was headed for the sea – it just had a different route from the typical baby sea turtle: the turtle partly was you. So was the woman – ‘you’ helped her but what really was ‘you’ was this idea inside, that which eventually led you to that odd beach – to finish the travels of this turtle. Think of how different and special that turtle was when you saw it – you too are a different creature in light of so much that you describe.

The bed that implies a babe? That may be you again – the life ahead, a new beginning and a future that can be borne on all the experiences you’d leave behind at that shore. Think of your reaction – you awakened at this point. It is scary, the thought of taking that path – babe in arms – and going to the sea to discover this new life. Perhaps it is time to consider leaving the place of lemon cars, catty wait staff, people of low standards and such and move on to what beckons – you are worth it. The dream seems to say that – “you are different and you are worth the effort and risk”.

These are ideas for you to consider in terms of the context of your life and how you are left feeling by this dream, but they are strongly suggested by the vivid and connected story you have shared about the dream. Perhaps they can help you derive personal meaning from the dream in that light.

All the best to you.

Nancy asks…

Can you read a part of my story? Do you think that it is good?

When mum went out every morning to her shop which dad had helped her buy when they first got married, my sister would always take charge and say that she had to look after me as I was the baby of the family. She would be just like mum and help me eat my breakfast, turn on the TV for me, help me get dressed and make sure that I had brushed my teeth. Alma had always wanted to have children even mum said that she had the right motherly skills for it. But there were only odd times when she would change and become very helpless.
One day when she answered the phone to Auntie Leda she acted very different. When she had finished talking to Auntie Leda on the cordless phone in the kitchen she came into the living room and stared at me. I was reading ‘Little red riding hood’ my favourite book as a small child. Alma sat down on the worn leather sofa and I watched her start to cry.
‘Why are you crying Alma?’ I asked abruptly putting my book down on the coffee table on top of some magazines.
‘Its nothing.’ she had said to me but she had stopped looking at me and was now tugging gently on her jumper, this was when I knew she wasn’t telling me something.
I had found out the next day that are mum had been in an accident on the road. She was taken into hospital as it was a very serious accident. Dad had come straight home and took us both to the hospital to see her although they didn’t let us in to speak to her as she had to have an operation. The doctor came out to speak to my dad about her condition after they had finished trying to save her life. He tried not to say it in front of Alma and me but I knew it was very bad.
‘Mr Stoltzfus, your wife was hit very badly when the other vehicle hit her car. The force could have left her with some very serious injuries but unfortunately she had Myocardial Infarction; a heart attack. We tried to save her but I am truly sorry she just couldn’t fight it. I’m sorry but your wife is dead.’ he had explained it without a single tear in his eye, although he hung his head in sorrow as it was what was expected of him after delivering such news.
‘She can’t be dead. What the hell do you mean? My wife is not dead!!! No, no, no.’ he screamed as if he were in pain and I could see his knees give way underneath his silky, black work trousers part of his Marks and Spencer’s suit he had got for his promotion. He knelt on the floor and started to cry, the sound of his weeping was full of agony and deep sadness.
My sister got up and ran to his side cradling his head like her were baby needing protection. The weight of his head was too much for her as her gaunt knees fell to the solid but surprisingly sterile hospital floor.
‘Dad, it’s going to all right. Dad don’t cry please.’ my sister reassured him but she was struggled to keep back her own tears.
I watched them sit on the floor crying for only a couple of minutes but it felt like a whole story had gone on and I didn’t understand it. I was only five years old and wanted my mum to come and hug me and tell me that everything was going to be fine. I wanted my sister to read me a story and I wanted my dad to tuck me into my wooden bed with my teddy bear duvet cover but this would never happen again in the whole of my childhood.

(I might need to fix my grammar, sorry)

Donna answers:

Yes it is good. Sure there are little fixes required here and there but the bare bones of the story hold up. You have a talent for storytelling.

Laura asks…

Please read! What do you think?

I know its about Jonas Brothers, but i’ll change it later. I was obsessed with them when I began writing this. I’ve written several of these, so please tell me what you think! Basically its about a girl whose best friends with the Jonas Brothers and her parents die. I’ll post more later…

I flipped the television remote over and over in my hands repeatedly.
Mum walked in the room and sat on the couch, going through her handbag.
“What are you going to do today, sweetie?”
I shrugged.
“Something will come up. I think I’m babysitting Frankie. I’ll go over soon.”
“Okay. Well. I’m working till 7. Your father is working till 9. I’ll pick up some dinner on my way home. So I’ll see you tonight, baby.”
I nodded and smiled.
“Sounds good.”
“Bye Hannah. I love you.”
She kissed my cheek and opened the door.
“Love you too.”
I heard the car pull out of the driveway and I stared at the figures on the screen.

Oh hi. Someone’s reading this. I’m Hannah Fraser. I’m a sixteen year old that lives in California. Next door lives my friends, the Jonas Brothers. Well, I hardly refer to them as that. Usually, it’s just the Jonas family. My parents have been best friends with the Jonas parents since they all went to high school together. Ever since then, our families have been inseparable. Denise and Paul, the parents, have four children. Kevin, Joe, Nick and Frankie. Kevin’s 21, Joe’s 18, Nick’s 16 and Frankie’s 8. They’re my best friends. It’s funny. Nick and I have literally known each other since birth. We have the same birth date. Our parents had us in the same hospitals. Joe and Kevin have been in my life forever. I can’t remember anything without them in it.
And Frankie. Well he’s the little brother I never had. The Jonas’ are practically family. Now we live next door to each other.

I looked at the clock. 9.30. Kevin might be up. I switched the TV off and headed to the Jonas house. The hot air hit my face the minute I walked outside. If Kevin hasn’t put the air con on, I’ll tackle him.
I reached the house and opened the door. Denise and Paul were sitting on the couch, Frankie on the floor with some Lego.
“Hey Hannah. How are you sweetheart?” Denise smiled and stood up.
“Hi Denise. I’m good. Aren’t the boys up?”
“No. You can wake them though.”
I shook my head.
“Hey Paul.”
“Hi Hannah. How’d you sleep?”
“Good thanks.”
I sat beside Frankie on the floor, and he jumped in my lap.
After ten minutes of building towers with Frankie, Denise and Paul came into the room.
“Well Hannah, we’re taking Frankie down to the shops. We’ll probably be back in two or three hours. Might grab some lunch. Do you wanna come?” Denise looked around for her bag.
I looked at her.
“Um. No thanks. I’ll hang here until one of the boys get up. Frankie, you leave the Lego. I’ll pack it up.”
Denise smiled as Frankie ran to her and Paul.
“Thanks, sweetheart. You’re a doll. We’ll be back then. Tell the boys when they get up.”
I nodded.
“Sure thing.”
They left and I packed up the Lego.
What was the time? Almost ten past ten.
I ran up the stairs and opened Joe’s door.
Joe was practically my best friend. Nick and Kevin were my best friends too, but I was closest to Joe.
He was slumped over his bed, snoring lightly.
His dark hair had fallen over his eyes, and his blue blanket had fallen off him.
Joe’s computer was still on. I’d finished talking to him on AIM at about eleven last night; I guessed he hadn’t gone to bed as early as me.
I walked to him, wondering how I should wake him.
“Joe.” I shook his shoulder and he snored louder. “Joe! Come on!” I shook him harder and he snored louder and louder.
“Ugh!” I said, making a crying noise.
Then an idea hit me. I went straight to Frankie’s room and stepped through the mess of toys.
“Yes!” I said as I picked up the blow horn. “Perfect.”
As I entered Joe’s room, I pressed the button on the horn firmly.
Joe shot up and blocked his ears.
“Good. You’re up.”
Joe threw his head back and wiped his eyes.
He sighed and I sat next to him.
“What time did you go to bed? God. You look like a zombie.”
Joe glared at me.
“What happened to a gentle wake up?” He complained.
“I did try to wake you but you snored really loud! So come on and get up. I’m bored.”
Joe stood up, grabbing my hand.
We went down to the kitchen and I slid into one of the kitchen stools.
“Are you hungry, little miss?” Joe asked.
“Nah. I’m good. What time did you stay up till last night?”
“Only about 11.30. It was boring without having you to talk to. Holy crap. It’s hot in here.”
He put some juice on the bench and slipped his shirt off.
“We need air con.” Joe grabbed the remote and pressed a button. “Hannah.”
I looked at him.
He pressed another button.
“It won’t turn on.”
“Press the big red button that says on.”
“Right. I knew that.”
He pressed the right button and the beeping noise signalled it was on.
The rest of the day was average, kind of boring actually.
One of the answers said they liked writing poems, I wish I could write poems! But I can‘t rhyme! And it was my pleasure answering your question, you really were good looking!

Donna answers:

It’s good.

I like it actually, really

even though it is the jonas bros

Lizzie asks…

The Love Burglar, please read!?

Allyson was 14 and ready to take on anything, except babysitting. She must take on the challenge to babysit her bratty little cousin, Tiffany. Well, all was going well until midnight. That’s when the Love burglar came to visit.

4:32 P.M.
“Allyson, can you babysit Tiffany tonight?” Mom asked me.
“Who the heck is Tiffany?” I replied
Your little five year old cousin, remember? She’s so precious and Aunt Lydia and I are going to the opera tonight.”
“Mom you know how I feel about babysitting and I have the Valentine’s Dance tonight!”
“You’ll get paid.” She persuaded.
“Why didn’t you say so? I’m in!”
“Ha ha ha,” mom giggled, “you’ll do anything to be able to shop!”

7:45 P.M.
“Oh you’re here,” Aunt Lydia greeted, “Come on in you’ve met Tiffany before right, Allyson?”
“Maybe when she was a baby, I don’t really remember.” I admitted. I was a little nervous about the whole thing.
“Mommy,” Tiffany screamed, “when is my soup gonna be done!”
Ugh, she screams. I thought silently to myself. “Um, yeah, so should I go dish up her soup and you two can leave?”
“Oh would you?” Aunt Lydia cooed.
I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I mumbled.
“Ha ha watch out for the Love Burglar,” Mom teased
Of course, I didn’t think she was teasing. But she really wasn’t. It was all downhill from there. “What’s th-that?”
“Love Burglar comes out on Valentine’s Day to get all of those who are miserable.” She explained.

9:00 P.M.
“Alright Tiffany, bedtime.”
“Yes, your mom wants me to help you get in your ‘Jammys’ then get you in your ‘big girl bed’.” I said sarcastically.

So I finally got her into bed when I heard an ear-piercing scream. The Love Burglar… I thought sending a shiver down my spine.
I heard another scream and risked the climb upstairs. She was seeing things out the window apparently.
“Well, I’ll just go outside and see what it is.” I reassured her.
“No Ally,” she cried, “No, no, no! I don’t want you to leave you’ll die!”
I just nodded and locked the door from the outside of her room.
I opened the front door. Nothing. Back door, nothing.
I went back upstairs to unlock her door. But there was no lock. I turned on the lights and clearly it had disappeared. I decided that when Lydia got home she would know what to do. So I went back downstairs to watch TV.

1:56 A.M.
There’s no sound of anything coming from Tiffany’s room but I can’t help but feel like something’s wrong. I had to just bust down the door. But the lock was back. I unlocked it and slowly tiptoed to her bed. When I folded back the covers there was nothing. Tiffany was gone!!! Was this going to affect my pay? You know, I could’ve just been at the dance and nothing like this would’ve happened. Then I realized that was probably true. I was miserable, it was Valentine’s Day, it happened at midnight. Oh no, the Love Burglar got Tiffany.
I looked everywhere and called every single neighbor but all the grumpy people just hung up on me. Ugh! No one. I knew there was one person that would never let me down, my best friend Hope. I dialed her number into my hot pink cell phone.
“H-h-hello?” She sniffled.
“Hope what’s wrong?” I inquired.
“J-Jack is g-gone!”
“Jack like annoying Jack at school or your brother Jack?”
“My brother Jack duh! Why would I be crying over annoying Jack?”
“I don’t know, just asking. So give me the details.”
“I was babysitting my brother because I didn’t want to go to the dance alone and I was miserable so I sent him to bed. I checked on him at midnight and her was gone. I have no clue where he could’ve gone!”
“I think I know,” I sighed, “I’m babysitting Tiffany, my little cousin. I’m miserable because I’m not at the dance.”
“What does your misery story have to do with Jack’s disappearance?” She interupted.
“Tiffany disappeared and midnight. My mom warned me about the Love Burglar. He finds sorrow souls on Valentine’s Day and at midnight something bad happens to them. Affective age 13. I’m 14 now but it didn’t happen last year because I was really happy. Oh Hope, what will we do?”

3:02 A.M.
“We’re home!” Aunt Lydia called from downstairs.
“Hi,” I replied trying to hide my worry. “I have something to tell you.”
“Um, remember the Love Burglar? He got Tiffany and Hope’s brother Jack.”
“Oh, honey that’s just a joke I didn’t mean to scare you.” Mom laughed.
“No, Aunt Lydia, Tiffany is gone.”

To find out if Tiffany and Jack are still alive, read the next book. Case Continued…

does this story sound like something you’d want to read? does the love burglar sound stupid and need a new name? i will post the case continued shortly

Donna answers:

OMG, I wanna read the 2nd part! I love it!!! Very creative. 🙂

Donna asks…

What do you think of this!!! (Interfering Grandmother) Best answer will be chosen please read………..?

Sorry it’s long……

Mum said I had really long straight Beautiful hair when I was around 3-4 years & my nan (without telling my mum) went to the hairdressers & got it all cut short, she did this a few times. Mum was not happy.

I’m 21 years old now & about to give birth to my first baby.
When I told nan I was pregnant, all she said was “Oh well you can only hope…….. your mum and Auntie both miscarried with their first”
So she was basically saying it WOULD happen to me.

My sister has had 2 kids & both times nan wanted her to get abortions done.

My nan stayed with me & my husband for 5 weeks, we did most of the cooking, & most of the dishes while she sat around & watched tv, we were always offering her to come out & do things like going to town or shopping but she would never want to get out of the house.
When it was time for her to leave we didn’t get a goodbye, a wave, a hug….. nothing….. she just turned up her nose got in the car & left.. all because she had to leave a day early cause we had something wrong with our car and couldn’t take her home, so she had to get a lift from my aunt and uncle.

She’s always negative she don’t really say much good about anyone, she has no encouragement at all, she has no support for anyone. All she does is complain about people behind their backs.

All through-out my pregnancy it’s like she’s been wanting something to go wrong, every time I would report back to the family about what the doctor said (& it was always good news) she would just walk off or interrupt me or just say “oh ok then” like she didn’t even care.

So about a week ago I told her that I could have a mild case of Pre-enclampsia to see what she would say, she was interested in every detail, & I did mention to her the next day everything was ok and I didn’t have it. All she said was

“oh that’s good then”

That didn’t stop her tho, she got on the phone & told nearly everyone she knew that I more or less had it!! & all of her friends gossip & blow everything out or proportion.

The other night nan forced my sister to buy this baby food called Forex, my sister knew her kids hated this stuff, nan didn’t listen so she tried to feed it to them, one didn’t eat it, the other threw up… lol
So nan started telling my sister she’s an unfit mother & she don’t look after her kids!!

I’m going to be having my baby soon & feel like I don’t want to have much to do with her as she is very interfering………….

Is my Nan being wrong towards us all?

Donna answers:

Well then DON’T!! She sounds like she has had some serious issues for many, many years, such as depression! None of you have recognized this?? She needs to see someone and get this straightened out, and if she refuses to cooperate, then stay away from her. You are starting YOUR new family and you don’t need this kind of negativeness in your life.

And, I would tell her that, not that she would care, but I’d tell her anyway.

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