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Thomas asks…

What is your favourite baby shop?

mine is either toys r us or target.

Donna answers:

I don’t have one! It what ever store has the best buys. Although as far as baby out fits and children cloths I have to say Children’s Place!

Sandra asks…

What has been your favorite place to shop for baby clothes?

I like JC Penney, Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart so far. I haven’t gotten to much as far as clothing yet.

Donna answers:

Macy’s, Babies r’ us, Pottery Barn Kids, The Children’s Place, The Retro Baby, baby center store, Hybrid Baby, Zoe and Sprout, 90210 Organics cute gifts, Baby Gap, cute stuff-Frogs Frills and Daffodils, The Nest Shop, krawlers, old navy, and check out local consignment shops and events.

Sandy asks…

Where is your favorite place to shop for baby clothes?

I like Kohl’s, Gap, and Children’s Place.
I like Kohl’s because they have good sales, and Gap is good quality, Children’s place is so cute.
Whats yours?
Why do you like it?

Donna answers:

I love browsing baby stuff at I can find lots of cute baby stuff there.

Joseph asks…

Whats your favorite kid/baby stores to shop at for your children?

I love to shop clothing for my children

I love shopping at Old Navy, Gap, JC Penney and Sears

I also love but can’t go to very often cause the closest stores near us are 3 hours away:
Childrens place, Gymboree, Macys

I could go on and

Donna answers:

For my girls Gymboree, Old Navy and Gap are my favorite brands.
I shop mostly on Ebay and once in a while on the store websites, since our mall really stinks and doesn’t have any of those stores!
For my son I shop mostly at Murdoch’s ( a ranch supply store). He loves to wear his cowboy jeans and button up shirts with the occasional John Deere T shirt thrown in for good measure lol.

Lizzie asks…

UK Mummys – What is your favorite baby clothes shop?

Donna answers:

Next, debenhams, monsoon, asda, Jojomamanbebe xx

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