Unique Baby Clothes Outfit in Brown Argyle Size: 3-6 Months

GS-6005-S Size: 3-6 Months Baby Milano’s unique baby clothes in brown argyle is perfect for any baby aspiring to obtain an ivy league education. The brown argyle print can be paired with many different baby clothes. We have chosen just one of our many baby onesies that we feel is an excellent match. The tan onesie really allows the brown argyle to be the focus of this outfit. We feel the tan color blends very well with all of the colors in the argyle print. Argyle baby clothing is something that every baby boy needs to own. Adding just a touch of argyle print to any baby outfit can give your baby the preppy look you want. Features: -Set includes a tan colored onesie – long sleeve, argyle hat – brown, and a argyle bib – brown. -Available sizes in 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months or 12-18 months. -Color: Brown Argyle. -Material: 100pct Cotton – Heavyweight Fabric – 220GSM. -Stylish design. -Easily coordinates with other apparel. -Designed for baby’s comfort. -Additional snaps on the i
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